Gurveer Sira Biography

Gurveer Sira was born in the U.K but raised in Kenya, where he now lives with his wife. He spent his childhood camping in the Mara and his fondest memories are of the beautiful and remote Sand River area.

Gurveer’s introduction to photography came when he picked up his Dad’s old camera, and soon he was taking hundreds of pictures using a Minolta film camera. In the age of film cameras, where you only saw the final image a week or so after taking the picture, it was important to ensure all the camera settings were correct. Gurveer enjoyed experimenting with these settings and making notes, which helped him hone his photography skills. As a tribute to that era he has kept all of his film pictures.

He then transitioned to a Kodak digital camera and now uses a Canon DSLR.

Gurveer has been passionate about wildlife from a young age. He shares what he sees from behind the lens by enlarging his photographs to hang around the house for his loved ones. He is a strong advocate for conservation groups and uses photography as a medium to educate those who have never had the privilege to go on safari, to help them understand the need to protect this beauty for future generations, so they are able to experience the real thing, not just still photographs.

At the heart of his photography is a desire to inspire even a small percentage of his audience to take an interest in wildlife and conservation. He hopes his pictures convey some of the excitement he feels when he takes them and that they are able tell a story.

He prefers black and white photographs as the final impression is a timeless and powerful one, but some colour does feature in his collection. He hopes his photography will take him to other parts of the world, including all over the African continent, India, Siberia or wherever the wildlife takes him.